• Cookienesia

    /ˈko͝okē - nē - eɪʃə / - An Exploration

    ​Re-Discover Indonesian native (and or) local resources to create any baked goods; (e.g.: cookies, breads) using the Crowd-Power.

  • About Cookienesia

    We've always loved baking and we've dreamed of the journey the very Indonesian baked goods! We have found at least 16 kinds of local flours, some local spices, and a bundle of recipes.

    We started the journey via Eat Me Love Me Co-Baking Space in our lovely kitchen and trying to create our baked creations, empowered with the wonderful spirits of local organic farmers, makers, and Foodie Artisans; around Jogja and Central Java. We start this journey in 2015, and was actively educating the market via Social Media and some Healthy Markets.

    From Yogyakarta with a bundle of passions. ♥​

    Our cookies, brownies, rolls, and breads owe their exceptional flavor to carefully sourced native raw ingredients to become a Masterpieces of Indonesian recipes. Stop by for a taste and join us to formulate the new recipes!

  • (y)our Impacts

    Please don't shop. Let's Adopt or Make them, with us.

    +62-813-9111-1745 or cookienesia@gmail.com